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Loyola Alumni Association was officially started during the time of Rev.Fr.Lawrence Sundaram SJ in 1990. At present there are 64,000+ members. Loyola Alumni Day is celebrated on the First Sunday of August every year which is "Friendship Day".

The President of the Associaiton is Dr.G.Viswanathan the Chancellor of VIT and the Director is Rev. Dr. A. Louie Albert, S.J.
LAA is managed by The President, Director, Secretary & EC Members.


Loyola Alumni Association is involved in a number of activities at Loyola, Chennai. Prominent among them are Alumni Day, Endowment Lectures & Chapter Activities

Alumni Day

Every year the Alumni Day is conducted on the First Sunday of August which is the World Friendship Day. In 2023 the day is being celebrated on the 6th of Aug.2023. On this day The Illustrious Alumni are honored for their life time achievement.

Endowment Lectures

Alumni come forward to establish endowment funds to provide scholarships or awards to meritorious candidates and deserving candidates. Alumni office facilitates the same as and when the need arises.

Chapter Activities

Local Chapters: There are local chapters of Alumni Association at ChennaiCoimbatore, Virudunagar,  Erode, Trichy, Madurai, Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi.

International Chapters: There are overseas chapters in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Dubai, England and France.



Mentoring: Mentoring programmes through which the Alumni members come over to the College during the first few weeks to motivate the newly admitted students.

Scholorships: Alumni Association provides scholarships and Midday meals to the deserving students who are in need of the same. Alumni Association provides scholarships to the tune of Rs 3 lakhs per year. Over 400 students are provided Midday meals at the College Mess.

Loyola Give Life Programme: An official community support programme is conducted under the name’ Give Life’ through which the Alumni Association provides support services to the deserving poor in the society. 

Infrastructure: Alumni members generously participate in supporting the development of the Infrastructure of the College whenever a need arises. They have come forward to give their support in the New Hostel Building being built from the 30th of Jan 2019. 

Supported Programmes:

Support in the Job Mela: Ever since  Feb.2017 Loyola Alumni Association has been providing its support  in organizing Job Mela for the Differentially Abled. It supports in organizing the venue and other logistics.