Loyola Alumni Day

In 2010 a ground breaking programme was conducted with a large gathering of Loyola Alumni from all over the world. Many prominent Alumni of Loyola where honoured on this day.

In 2013 Loyola Alumni Association had a new guard with Dr.G.Viswanathan the Chancellor of VIT as the President and he proposed that an Annual Alumni Day would be celebrated every year on the 2nd Oct.

In 2017 we had the celebration of Loyola World Alumni Congress. All the past Rectors, Secretaries and Principals were invited on the occasion of Loyola being placed at 2nd Rank by NIRF for its Academic performance. Over 17 Rectors, Secretaries and Principals were honoured on that day.

In 2018 the Alumni proposed an interesting change to have the Alumni Day on the first Sunday of August since it happens to be the International Friendship day.

The day is mainly to bring in the possibility of experiencing the nostalgia of being the Alumni of Loyola besides getting a chance to have the Campus tour and experience the developments made in our Campus.

It provides time for the Alumni to meet and greet their own department, Professors and Friends. The main event of the day is to organize the Award ceremony to honour the illustrious alumni of Loyola for their achievements in various fields.

In the evening the Alumni enjoy a Music fest from the days of Down sterling to the days of Ovations and Dine together.